Rent the Bandstand and Common Area

White Bandstand with corn stalks and red ribbons on fall day
Our Bandstand is a popular venue for weddings. It sits at the end of our Town green, surrounded by trees  and has a small water fountain. 
A Refundable Fee of $200 is required at the time of registration.
A Non-Refundable Fee as listed below is also required at the time of application;
Town Common (Full) $100.00
Town Common (Half) $50.00

                                     RULES SURROUNDING USE OF TOWN PROPERTY
*Absolutely no alcohol is to be consumed or distributed on town property.

*The area rented must be brought back to the original condition it was rented in.

*Liability Insurance for $1 million must be presented when an application is submitted, the rental party may purchase their own liability insurance waiver with the Town of Bethel as additional insured. Attached is a brochure for insurance should you so desire to use their services. (The Town does not make money off this insurance, but simply provides the information as a courtesy.)

*The area must be free and clear of all trash, exhibits and other additional items within 24hrs of the event conclusion.
* You can find the application at the following link under Town Clerk.