Town Manager

Duties & Responsibilities

The Town Manager shall be appointed by the Selectmen solely on the basis of character and executive and administrative qualifications, with special reference to actual experience in, or knowledge of, the accepted practice in respect to the duties of the office of Town Manager.

The Town Manager shall be the chief administrative officer of the Town and be the controlling authority for all Town employees, facilities, property and equipment. The Town Manager shall be responsible to the Selectmen for the proper administration of all affairs of the Town.

The Town Manager, upon appointment, shall automatically assume the positions of Road Commissioner, Tax Collector, Treasurer, and Welfare Director and may designate one or more deputies for the execution of duties associated with these positions.

The Town Manager shall attend all meetings of the Selectmen, unless excused, and keep the Selectmen advised of the financial condition of the Town. The Town Manager shall have the right to take part in Board discussions and to make recommendations as may be requested or seem desirable. However, the Town Manager shall not vote in Board proceedings.

The Town Manager shall prepare and submit to the Selectmen such reports and perform such duties as the Selectmen may require.

The Town Manager shall see that all laws, ordinances of the Town, and policies of the Selectmen are faithfully observed and executed.

The Town Manager shall assist, insofar as possible, Bethel residents and taxpayers in discovering their lawful remedies in cases involving complaints of unfair vendor, administrative, and governmental practices.

The Town Manager shall make application for state, federal and other aid grants for the benefit of the Town, upon approval by the Selectmen.