Recreation Board

Duties & Responsibilities
There shall be a seven member Recreation Committee. Members shall be appointed by the Selectmen for the three year staggered terms commencing in January. Each member shall be a registered voter of the Town of Bethel throughout his/her tenure on the Recreation Committee.

The Recreation Committee shall serve as the advisory body for recreational activities occurring within Bethel and operate programs deemed to serve the recreational interests of the Bethel community.

The Recreation Committee shall propose programs and corresponding expenditures for consideration in the overall municipal budget submitted by the Town Manager.

The Recreation Committee shall conduct its meetings, and operate, in accordance with rules of procedure approved by the Selectmen. 
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       Board Members                                     Term    

  • David Jones                                        12/31/22
  • Lucy Abbott                                        12/31/21
  • Melissa Sheridan                                12/31/22 (Greenwood)
  • Rachael Guay                                      12/31/22
  • Robert Oickle                                      12/31/22
  • Suzanne Newsom Pierce                   12/31/22 (Newry)
  • Alberta Merrill                                      Honorary Member
  • Nate Crooker                                       12/31/2023
  • Sarah Tucker                                       12/31/22 (Alternate)
  • Vacancy                                                (Woodstock)
  • Mary Scanlon                                       Director