Conservation Commission

Duties and Responsibilities

There shall be a five member Conservation Commission. Members shall be appointed by the Selectmen for  three year staggered terms commencing in January. Each member shall be a registered voter of the Town of Bethel throughout his/her tenure on the Conservation Commission.

The Conservation Commission shall carry out activities and serve as the advisory body for the protection, development and use of natural resources located within the corporate boundaries of Bethel.

The Conservation Commission shall be authorized to investigate potential acquisition of land, or land interests, consistent with its charge described in Subsection B. All such acquisitions shall be subject to approval by the Selectmen and subject to Town Meeting approval.

The Conservation Commission shall conduct its meetings, and operate, in accordance with rules of procedure approved by the Selectmen. 
Mother loon floating on glassy water with fuzzy baby loon on her back
Beautiful brown and white owl with pointy ears

TERM                                    NAME

12/31/25                                 Ann Speth

12/31/25                                 David R. Jones

12/31/23                                  Nate Crooker

12/31/24                                   Sarah Southam