Budget Committee

Duties & Responsibilities

  • There shall be a twelve member budget committee. Members shall be appointed by the selectmen for three year staggered terms commencing in January. Each member shall be a registered voter in the Town of Bethel throughout his/her tenure on the Budget Committee.

  • The Budget Committee shall be empowered to review proposed general fund budgets jointly with the Selectmen and make recommendations to be printed following each of the various articles of a Town Meeting warrant. (Amended 6-14-2006)

  • With the exception of personnel costs, the Budget Committee shall be empowered to make recommendation on any proposed general fund appropriation considered in any Town Meeting, regular or special.

  • The Budget Committee shall conduct its meetings, and operate, in accordance with rules of procedure approved by the selectmen.

  • TERM                                                   NAME
  • 12/31/23                                         Cheryl Thurston
  • 12/31/24                                         Clarke Reiner
  • 12/31/23                                         Fran Head
  • 12/31/25                                         Jim Bennett
  • 12/31/25                                          Levi Brown
  • 12/31/24                                          Michael A. Jodrey
  • 12/31/24                                          Robert Everett
  • 12/31/23                                          Ted Davis
  • 12/31/23                                          Tonya Lewis
  • 12/31/25                                           Michelle Varuolo Cole
  • 12/31/25                                           Mitchell Benedict
  • Vacancy