Board of Selectmen



The Board of Selectmen, hereinafter called the "Selectmen," shall be and constitute the municipal officers of the Town of Bethel, hereinafter called the "Town." The Selectmen shall also constitute the governing body, or trustees, of the Wastewater Treatment Department and operate in the same manner specified herein.

The Board of Selectmen shall be composed of five members, each of whom shall be elected by secret ballot in June for three-year staggered terms by the registered voters of the entire Town. The candidate receiving the greatest number of votes for a given seat on the Board shall be considered a member of the Board upon taking an oath of office. Each member shall be a registered voter of the Town of Bethel throughout his/her tenure on the Board.

The Board shall exercise all powers, and assume all responsibilities, now or hereafter given by law to municipal officers. The specific mention of particular powers or responsibilities in this chapter or other ordinances shall not be construed as limiting, in any way, the powers and responsibilities of municipal officers given by law.

Any reference to "Selectmen" or "Board of Selectmen" shall be considered gender neutral and may be interchanged with the term "Selectperson" or "Board of Selectpersons" by any party. 

Board Member                                        Term
Michele Varuolo-Cole                              06/30/2022
Lloyd W. Sweetser                                   06/30/2023
Peter Southam         (Chair)                     06/30/2021
Lori T. Swain                                             06/30/2023
Neil Scanlon                                              06/30/2022