Board of Assessors

 Duties & Responsibilities
There shall be a five-member Board of Assessors. Members shall be elected for three-year staggered terms by the registered voters of the entire Town in the same election cycle utilized for Selectmen. Each member shall be a registered voter of the Town of Bethel throughout his/her tenure on the Board of Assessors. Vacancies of the Board shall be filled by appointment of the selectmen until the regular election of municipal officers. 

The Board of Assessors shall have such powers and perform such duties as are provided by statute and Town ordinances.      

Board Members                                                                          Term
Robert Everett                                                                            6/30/2024
Robert Blake                                                                              6/30/2023
Neil Scanlon                                                                               6/30/2025
Michele Varuolo Cole                                                                 6/30/2023

  1. Assessing

    Physical Address
    19 Main Street
    Bethel, ME 04217-1660

    Mailing Address
    PO Box 1660
    Bethel, ME 04217-1660

    Phone: 207-824-2669