Airport Authority

Duties & Responsibilities
There shall be a five member Airport Authority. Members shall be appointed by the Selectmen for three year staggered terms commencing in January. Each member of the Airport Authority shall be a registered voter of Bethel or other municipality or territory located in Oxford County. In the event the number of members of the Airport Authority is changed by Town Meeting action, then the Board of Selectmen shall be authorized to appoint and remove members of the Airport Authority at its sole discretion in order to comply with this section.

The Airport Authority shall determine the minimum standards for operation of the Bethel Regional Airport (hereinafter called "Airport"). The Airport Authority shall also be responsible for the development of overall policies and long term plans for operation and development of the Airport. The Town Manager, as Airport Manager, shall be responsible for implementation of these standards, policies and plans.

The Airport Authority shall conduct its meetings, and operate, in accordance with rules of procedure approved by the Selectmen.

TERM                                               MEMBER 

12/31/24                                             Bill Allen

12/31/25                                             Edwin Lovejoy

12/31/24                                              John Mason

12/31/23                                               Norman Clanton

12/31/25                                               Randy Autrey